Research Infrastructure and Facilities of the Group

Our unique spectroscopy-based molecular biophysics suite of methods are the core parts of the new Outstanding Research Infrastructure (ORI, KKI in Hungarian) titled "Integrated Paramagnetic Resonance and Optical Multi-Dimensional Bio-Spectroscopy" (iPRO-MD-BioSpec). Our working strategy is that structural, dynamic, kinetic and thermodynamic data on biomolecular systems are measured during while monitoring the biological function using a range of biophysical techniques. The experimental data are then consistently interpreted in detailed molecular models and related to the biological function. This non-conventional approach can be considered as function-controlled spectroscopy-based structural biology. Data are obtained and analysed with a variety of techniques and their combination:


We are keen on developing new detection modes and novel spectrum analysis/simulation techniques. Most notably, in the past we combined non-linear EPR techniques with paramagnetic quenching and spin-spin interactions to gain structural data on membrane proteins [Pali and Marsh, 2002]. Among other directions, we are currently focusing on developing pulsed EPR methods, combined EPR-fluorescence spectroscopy and kinetics.

Access to our research infrastructure is possible, collaborative projects are preferred. Independent access in the remaining time is subject to an agreement and meeting certain conditions (contact us for details).